#GivingTuesday & How You can help


Contributions to the Native Alliance Against Violence (NAAV) are important!

Read on to find out how this donation will benefit your community.

The NAAV provides essential services to many different people throughout Oklahoma. These services are often geared towards the tribal domestic and sexual violence programs, but they can also be utilized by law enforcement agencies and by the general public.

Here are some of the ways that the NAAV provides essential services to the community.

1. Training Opportunities (Just a small sample)

One of the ways that NAAV provides support to end violence in Native American communities is through training opportunities. We create and gather information for these trainings. Sometimes we work alone to create these trainings, and sometimes we collaborate with field experts.

o   Stalking

o   Sexual violence prevention

o   Judicial Training

o   Wellness Resources

o   Developing a victim intake database to be utilized by agencies providing services to victims of intimate partner and interpersonal violence

o   Advocacy and Crisis Response in Rural & Tribal Communities

o   Domestic & Sexual Violence Advocacy

o   Recognizing Strangulation

o   Oklahoma Lethality Assessment Protocol for Intimate Partner Violence

o   Facts on Protection Orders

o   Performing Trauma Informed Interviews

o   Recognizing the characteristics of a batterer

o   Elder Abuse training

o   Teen Dating Violence

o   Human Trafficking

2. Technical assistance

o   Meeting Facilitation

o   Grant Development & Assistance

o   Grant Financial & Programmatic questions/policies

3. Assists tribes in developing and promoting state, local, and tribal legislation and polices to respond to crimes against native women

4. Information dissemination - Public receives information about programs available to them

o   Toolkits

o   Brochures

o   Community Outreach

  • Booths & Exhibitions
  • Events

o   Social Media

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

o   Flyers

5. Circle project (The Coordinated Indigenous Resource Center for Legal Empowerment)

The CIRCLE Project provides survivors of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking with comprehensive, high quality, culturally competent and effective legal representation throughout Oklahoma.

o   Legal Remedies include: Protective Order, Divorce, Child Custody/Support, Legal Advice, and Victim’s Rights Issues

o   Any tribal domestic violence program can make a referral to the CIRCLE Project

How You Can Help

Bringing awareness to the issue of violence in our Native communities is something that everyone can contribute to.

One easy way to do this is interacting and participating in any community events or programs that provide domestic violence awareness. The NAAV Events page is a good resource to view events happening near you. Many of these events provide valuable information about the causes and remedies to violence in Native communities. 

You can also contribute to the discussion online. Just think of how many people you are connected to. You can make a difference by following the NAAV social media pages and sharing any important information to your friends and family.

Providing your time and resources can be just as valuable as any monetary donation. If you want to volunteer your services or supplies, get in touch with these tribal programs that provide shelter to domestic violence victims. To check out all of the tribal programs we serve, click here.


Domestic Violence Program

126 E 6th St

Pawhuska, OK 74056


E-mail: familyviolence@osagenation-nsn.gov

**Shelter Services Provided




Domestic Violence Program

P. O. Box 1498

Wewoka, OK 74884


**Shelter Services Provided



Violence Prevention Services

1400 Hoppe Blvd, Suite 3

Ada, OK 74820


For after-hours assistance,

call the toll-free hotline at 1.855.405.7645

**Shelter Services Provided




Family Violence Program House of Hope

1601 S. Gordon Cooper Drive

Shawnee, OK 74801



Email: familyviolenceprogram@potawatomi.org

**Shelter Services Provided



Family Assistance Center

P. O. Box 183

Lawton, OK 73502


**Shelter Services Provided