Sexual Assault Awareness Month

The NAAV featured pictures and videos created by Oklahoma’s tribal DVSA programs every single day of April in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. These pictures depicted tribal engagement in an actions to prevent and eradicate sexual violence. This year’s SAAM theme is ‘Standing Up > Speaking Out > Taking Action’. #NativeAction

The RISE (Respect-Inspire-Support-Empower) group is comprised of advocates and leaders of the North East tribes in Oklahoma including the Eastern Shawnee Tribe HAVEN Program, Peoria Tribe, Quapaw Nation Family Services Department, Seneca-Cayuga Nation Violence Prevention Program, and the Wyandotte Nation Family Services Program. They came together to help you take #NativeAction by showing you appropriate phrases to say to a survivor of sexual violence.

The Quapaw Nation Family Service Department made this video showing their tribe’s pledge to believe survivors of sexual assault. This is a great example of working together and taking #NativeAction against sexual violence!

You can take #NativeAction by stepping back, and allowing a victim of sexual violence to have control of their own situation. Let them tell you how and when they want to receive help.

The Absentee Shawnee Tribe Domestic Violence and Family Services Program has created this video to show you the myths versus the facts of sexual assault. Watch and see how often you may have heard these misconceptions, and how you can take #NativeAction to reject them.

Consent is giving permission for something to happen or agreeing to do something and means always choosing to respect the personal and emotional boundaries of others. Take #NativeAction by understanding and teaching others what consent is. Learn more about consent here:

Take #NativeAction and watch this video to understand why you’ll want to wear denim on April 24th.