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National Rock Your Mocs Day

From the Rock Your Mocs Facebook group:

It’s easy to participate by wearing moccasins to school, to work or wherever your day takes you. 

Rock Your Mocs if a fun way to unify Native American, Aboriginal, First Nations, Alaskan Native, Indigenous Peoples globally.


RYM was founded by Jessica “Jaylyn” Atsye of Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico U.S.A. and she has partnered with Emergence Productions, a Native American owned Event Production Company, who together are working hard to expand this cultural empowerment initiative worldwide! She has stated that she hopes RYM “will continue to reach even further worldwide and inspire cultural pride for Native Americans wherever they may be, as well as anyone who would just like to participate in a fun way of celebrating Indigenous & Native American Peoples and U.S.A.‘s National Native American Heritage Month.” 

To showcase your mocs, try...

  •  A rap, a hand drum song, dance out on your rez, dance, sing, juggle in a creative or unique place.
  • Walk in your mocs in the city, ride a horse, family photo, sibling photo, pets who wear mocs, group photo.
  • Video idea: tell the story behind you moccasin: did you make them, were they given to you?