Sherryl Jacquot

Status Missing

First name Sherryl

Middle name Lynn

Last name Jacquot

Nickname/Alias Sherryl Shade

Date last seen July 23, 1999 00:00

Date entered 07/23/2012

Age last seen 43 to 44 years old

Age now 61 years old

Race Native American

Sex Female

Height (inches) 65.0 to 66.0

Weight (pounds) 115.0 to 120.0

 Information from Sherryl Jacquot's Facebook Page

Physical Description: Sherryl was tall and slender, she had some physical characteristics of her Spanish decent, defined cheekbone structure, round slender face

Age at Missing 43 / 44
Height 5’ 8”
Weight 115 – 125lbs
Hair Color Black (naturally but could have had variations of Brown or Red)
Eye Color Brown
Tattoos/ Scars / Known Former Injuries Right hip Harley wings tattoo
Left forearm Harley tattoo

Medical / Physical Characteristics Prior Jaw work (not certain she had jaw wired) 
Had injuries / cuts to lower back/tailbone from domestic a violent incident that happened in July 1999 shortly before her missing.
Had previously had broken ribs from an assault from the past. Possibly up to 5 years earlier, including a punctured lung. She may have had other injuries due to domestic assaults of the past. She may have had head healed head injuries as well.

She had birthed 4 children.

Profession/Etc. Sherryl worked most recently at Tyson Meats in Stilwell, Oklahoma, however he had worked in labor intensive fields such as construction, oil fields, and farming.

Appearance Sherryl was known to wear western wear style blue jeans, Reebok white style shoes, white tennis shoes, or cowgirl boots.

She had good hygiene, likely had good dental care yet we are unsure but we know she had previous extensive dental work and prior jaw repair work. 

She was well groomed, typically wearing her hair long, sometimes slightly curly, most often wearing bangs.

She likely would have been wearing jewelry. 

She may have had a keychain with a baby in her possession. (About a 2 year old, brown hair brown eyes)

Last Seen Known last seen was July 3, 1999 by family member in Oklahoma City, where she visited. She was badly injured and was suggested medical attention which she declined. Her lower back /tailbone had large cut of which she said her offender “threw her through a glass top coffee table” She also had a deep cut on the instep of her right foot. 

NamUs MP # 15566 / Case Number: 010MP005

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