Ci'Lina Teira Bell-Deloney

The excerpt below is from the powerful and heartbreaking perspective of Ci’Lina’s mother:

CiLina Teira Bell.jpg

“My Beautiful Daughter Cilina Teira Bell-Deloney was murdered a little over [2 years] ago, my baby, my middle child CiLina Teira Bell , she was taken from me in such a horrible and violent way I find myself wondering was she crying for her momma? Was she begging for her life was she scared?

She was my precious daughter a sister and mother, born June 1, 1995, taken at the age of 20 on January 16, 2017. I still feel as broken-hearted and incomplete today as I did this very day last year! I still wake up each morning realizing she is still gone, I still struggle to drag myself out of bed, I still have moments when my next breath is difficult to take, I dream of being with her instead of living each day without her. On January 16, 2017, I lost my love, my middle child my sweet and beautiful Silli Bell. I still don’t understand WHY! My Granddaughter lost her Mommy, her sisters lost their other half, and my family LOST an irreplaceable priceless part of our lives words cannot describe our heartache.

The Comanche County Sheriffs have not been able to resolve my daughter murder, no answers, no nothing, she is a file on a desk in the basement of the courthouse. I try to understand but I can’t, do people realize that the SCUM that murdered her is still out there walking the streets of Lawton, I ask you all, WHOSE CHILD IS NEXT? She was shot NUMEROUS times, DECEASED AFTER THE FIRST SHOT, but they didn’t stop, and then dumped her like trash in front of a home in the middle of the road, on Paint Rd. in Lawton Ok. Again, I ask, whose child is next? I wonder and pray each and every day that these monsters are caught and dealt with! NO ARRESTS NO LEADS, NOTHING, they are just living life and ready and willing to kill again because they got away with it once before! I worry about her sisters, my grandchildren, and my community, wondering if and when they will kill again.

So when I talk about her or my feelings it’s not for anyone’s amusement I am simply keeping my baby’s memory alive and a way for me to cope. If it appears I feel sorry for myself at times I probably do, if I sound bitter it’s because I am, the truth of the matter is NO PARENT NOT ONE PARENT should have to endure the loss of a child! But I don’t apologize for my emotions. I will, however, pray NOT one-person friend; family or stranger ever have to experience the HELL I have experienced this last year and a half!!”


She was a mother a daughter, a beautiful soul and loved and missed more than you could ever comprehend! Please #REMEMBERCILINA #JUSTICEFORCILINA
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