Native Alliance Against Violence

Enhancing Access to essential services

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In memoriam of 11 year old ASHLYNN MIKE and all other native victims who have gone missing or been murdered due to sexual and/or domestic violence.



Created in 2009, the Native Alliance Against Violence (NAAV), is a nonprofit organization operating as Oklahoma’s only tribal domestic violence and sexual assault coalition. The NAAV serves Oklahoma’s federally recognized tribes and their tribal programs that provide victims with the protection and services they need to pursue safe and healthy lives. 


Upcoming Events

Click on image below to watch the video of the NAAV's Executive Director, Dawn Stover, speaking about the high rates of violence in the Native American community.


Domestic Violence Awards in Excellence

The NAAV serves on the Oklahoma Domestic Violence Awareness Month Committee and would love to see nominations and recognition of our tribal prosecutors, law enforcement, advocates and volunteers.  If you nominate  someone, please make sure that you tell how this individual goes above and beyond their normal, expected job duties. 


Advocate Appreciation Dinner- Donation Drive

The NAAV proposes to invite Oklahoma's tribal advocates to an evening event that will include a meal, appreciation gifts and entertainment. This event will show the tribal advocates they are not alone while working difficult cases and provide them with a night of relaxation and support. We will be recognizing all of the unique and amazing work they are providing for the Native American community.


event calendar 

Click below to see all of the activities that are planned for the month of June.

More than four in five American Indian and Alaska Native adults (83%) have experienced some form of violence in their lifetime.
— National Institute of justice
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