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The NAAV Celebrates 10 year anniversary


The NAAV turned ten years old this April, so we are "Celebrating Our Vision: Past, Present, & Future". When we look back at the past decade, we see a significant and remarkable journey. We will be taking the time to recognize all of the people that have made the NAAV what it is today, how the NAAV and the tribal domestic violence and sexual assault programs have grown, and what we expect for the next decade.


The Native Alliance AGAINST Violence

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10 year Anniversary

From a small yet dedicated group, to a growing coalition of 29 tribal domestic violence/ sexual assault programs, the Native Alliance Against Violence has been working hard to unify tribes and restore safety to tribal communities.

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Tribal DVSA Programs

See the contact information for Oklahoma’s tribal domestic violence and sexual assault programs.



Upcoming Tribal dvsa events around oklahoma



HB 2091

Oklahoma HB2091 was introduced by Representative O'Donnell and co-sponsored by Senator Leewright seeking to amend current state legislation to add two tribal representatives to Oklahoma's Domestic Violence Fatality Review Board (DVFRB). This effort would not have been possible without the tremendous support of Rep. O'Donnell and was spear-headed through a collaborative effort by Muscogee (Creek) Nation Prosecutor Shelly Harrison, the Muscogee (Creek) Family Violence Prevention Program and the Native Alliance Against Violence. This legislation is being supported by tribes including resolutions from both the Inter-Tribal Council of the Five Tribes and the Muscogee (Creek) Nation's National Council. The bill unanimously passed the House and was passed by the Senate. The bill was signed and approved by the Governor on April 25, 2019.